An analysis of war photographer a poem by carol ann duffy

The third stanza starts off mysteriously, and the half developed photograph is described. Nothing much changed with art when you get down to it though. We move then into considering the role of a photographer, or a photojournalist.

This was really a very traumatic situation for the photographer. Also there is a paradox in how he has organized suffering, the chaos of pain and war, into neat ordered rows.

Get someone to paint a picture of it. His darkroom is the resemblance of a church wherein his red light is similar to a colored lantern. What they are, though, is trapped behind a camera with a job to do.

Just as a side note, by the way, this is clearly a topic that interests me. Hire talent and show off to your friends.

War Photographer - Poem by Carol Ann Duffy

Who pays for military art is always interesting. War photographers and journalists have a good deal of power, although they too must realise they need to search for more and more shocking images to get the reader to feel anything at all. He is anonymous, and could be any of those who do the recording of war scenes.

War Photographer

Now there is always hostility towards refugees. Duffy has used a number of literary devices to describe the horror and agony of war. He makes a good living. Sometimes, it is horribly emotional and I have to stop. By the time words came along and ways of preserving events on paper, civilisation had already got pretty good at documenting things and exaggerating their own importance, especially if you were the victor.

The poet says that the photographer knows that it is going to be very late for the readers to see the photos taken by him, but they may surely look at the photographs on Sunday morning either while having a bath or a beer at lunchtime.

I have to catch them at their worst without being emotional about it or trying to do anything other than be impartial.

War Photographer By Carol Ann Duffy

He can make them see what he sees by capturing the pain in photos, but he cannot make them feel what he feels, for there is no way he can show them his memories. It changed hearts and minds. You can stage it, certainly, but photography is instant and easily portable.

In fact, if I start cleaning and treating the dogs, it stops me doing my other jobs. The camera becomes almost like a protective bubble that stops you seeing things first hand.Scottish poet Carol Ann Duffy (Poet Laureate of the UK) examines the life of a war photographer who takes pictures of conflicts for British newspapers.

Duffy takes us inside the man’s thoughts and work, evoking both the brutality of war and the indifference of those who live in comfort.

Carol Ann Duffy's Stealing and War Photographer Essay Words | 3 Pages. Carol Ann Duffy's Stealing and War Photographer In the poems "Stealing" and "War Photographer", Duffy presents two very different characters, a thief and a war photographer. Dec 02,  · Analysis: War Photographer (Carol Ann Duffy) 02 Dec Through her poem ‘War Photographer’, Carol Ann Duffy casts a harsh light on the destruction and bloodshed which results from war and how apathetic and uncaring the rest of the world, who is not directly affected by it, is.

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Summary of the poem The poem details the inner conflict within a war photographer as he. Carol Ann Duffy From New Selected Poems (Picador, ).

Originally published in Standing Female Nude (Anvil, ). Reproduced by kind permission of the author.

An analysis of war photographer a poem by carol ann duffy
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