An earthquake the most distractive disaster i have ever witnessed

Operational squads and management structures will be established accordingly. When the disaster occurred, it caused many damages about economy and people wasted some money-solving problem such food, water, house.

The churches, like many other buildings, could not withstand the power of the tremor and collapsed, killing thousands. It is important to have access to experts who, using traditional observation methods animal behaviour, water courses and water tables and the most modern techniques of geophysics, are able to analyse the potential danger.

People were buried in mass graves to prevent the development and spread of disease. Initial estimates were that between and had died, although researchers now estimate that the true death toll amounted to more like 3, Wellington New Zealand 6.

However, the recent earthquakes in Kobe and Los Angeles have shown that full protection from earthquakes does not exist. In the disaster such as earthquake, a hurricane, or tsunami caused our death and many damages to people such missing people, injury, homeless… For instance, earthquake on March 11 in Japan caused about one thousand four hundred people to die by house collapse and one thousand people were injured.

That is the reason why we have to avoid and prevent the lowest damages when the disaster occurred to cause about physical destruction, environment, or economic concern. On other occasions, the social conditions in the country where an earthquake hits can severely exacerbate the crisis, such as in particularly poor states.

The July series of two major quakes and more than aftershocks in New Zealand followed devastating shocks in Christchurch New Zealand that killed only two years ago.

According to an article by John Pickrell cited belowScientists seem to think that it is not that natural disasters are becoming more intense or more frequent, just that they have a greater level of social and economic impact than in previous periods due to these factors.

The earthquake killed up topeople, destroyedhomes and 30, commercial properties. As well as being the strongest, the quake was also one of the largest, with the rupture estimated to have stretched for 1, kilometres. It should be noted that the main quake is regularly followed by after-tremors, which may occur a few hours, days or even months later and which can be as violent as the initial earthquake.

Our ability to measure earthquakes as they take place, means that we are able to issue warnings in the aftermath, in case of tsunamis, giving people time to evacuate endangered areas.

People around the world watched reports in shock at the vast destruction that was caused. After a hurricane, tsunami, or a severe storm, water was dirtied and polluted by water from river or lake source and garbage spread all over.

If possible, switch off the power. Disaster is one of causes destroyed environment gravely, made water pollution and air pollution. Researchers have also called into question the number of people killed, suggesting that it could have been even more at overThe February earthquake killed people.

However, because the duration of an earthquake is extremely short generally less than a minute it is clear that in practice protective and rescue measures are very limited. Intervention and rescue measures Short-term community protection measures are limited to the permanent monitoring of seismic activity in a state or region by a specialist institute having at its disposaI a reliable network of observation seismographs and acting as an earthquake information and alarm centre.

However, the damage was extensive, caused above all by the poor quality of the buildings in Messina and other parts of Sicily. It resulted in widespread damage to Christchurch, mostly in the CBD and eastern suburbs, particularly as many buildings were already weakened by the earlier earthquake in Logically, precautions against tsunamis can only consist in the establishment of an observation and warning system along the coasts which have been shown in the past to be subject to this type of disaster.

Management of the rescue operations should be in the hands of established political authorities assisted by a coordinating high command and by a head of operations who will have available personnel who know the conditions inherent to this type of disaster.

Many famous literary figures and philosophers dealt with the quake in their work, such as Emmanuel Kant, who sought to provide a scientific explanation for what happened. Everyone lives our country supported food and money every time disaster happened. I will examine seven types of recent natural disasters, in a series, to see which are the worst recent examples.

Introduction The term "earthquake" or seismic tremor is a good description of the natural phenomenon which suddenly strikes an area causing damage that varies according to the intensity of the quake and local geological conditions.

Nonetheless, substantial property damage took place in Anchorage, and tremors were felt across 47 states in the United States. Over 80, people were displaced, many left without water or electricity. At leastpeople were killed. Email Copy Link Copied This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, one of the deadliest in recent years.

For example, after Durian hurricane in Vietnam in the water was dirtied and polluted resulted to people lived in Middle did not have clear water to dink.Earthquakes are a devastating yet common natural disaster that causes billions of dollars in property damage and the loss of human life.

Find out more here. the recent earthquakes in Kobe and Los Angeles have shown that full protection from earthquakes does not exist. During a strong earthquake - If outside, be careful of collapsing. May 05,  · Recent Natural Disasters - the Worst Earthquakes.

Updated on October 10, Mel Jay. more. Also, media coverage make people much more aware of natural disasters than any any time ever before.

12 of the Most Destructive Earthquakes

You have nicely explained the natural disaster like tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc in a single hubpage. It is beneficial in Reviews: 3. National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) Earthquake Hazard Maps Maps showing how earthquake hazards vary across the United States.

From the Witness to Disaster series, this engaging book opens with a description of the most powerful North American earthquake ever recorded, enlivened by personal accounts from Alaskans who experienced the quake.5/5(1).

The most devastating tsunamis have formed after massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and underwater explosions. The Lisbon earthquake and tsunami was a very destructive natural disaster. The Nov. 1,megathrust earthquake was centered in the Atlantic Ocean and severely damaged Lisbon, Portugal.

The earthquake and. Mar 11,  · I have not witnessed a disaster in real life such as an earthquake, a hurricane, or a severe storm but in TV, I watched some effects of those disasters, which caused seriously to our life such as physical destruction, environment, economic concern The purpose of this essay is to analyze several serious effects of disaster.

An earthquake the most distractive disaster i have ever witnessed
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