Bp oil spill argument

Obama yesterday acknowledged the lack of progress in Congress, but vowed success in the near future: Calls for regulatory measures to ensure that this never happens again, however, are something else. Of course, the two failed to mention that because the seepage is a small, consistent trickle, it is possible for the water to dramatically spread out the oil on the surface, negating any harmful effects.

Rush Limbaugh, Brit Hume Money quote: The spill is currently pumping up to 19, barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Department of the Interior. Cuba erected its first independent shallow-water rig north of the island nation last year.

In response to the current crisis, Obama has shelved those plans. A study by the U.

Deepwater Horizon – BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

As long as human beings are involved in drilling or coal mining or petrochemical refining or nuclear power operations or oil transport or natural gas deliveryaccidents will happen.

Unfortunately, those axes were none too sharp to begin with, and the grinding now in play does more to confuse than to enlighten.

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June 3,9: A Venezuelan offshore rig sank in the Caribbean on May The fact that few Americans are willing to shut down existing platforms suggests that, for the most part, we intuitively understand there are benefits to drilling that ought to enter into the conversation.

Second, how much to spend to reduce risk is unclear. What are the benefits of expanded offshore drilling? The House of Representatives narrowly passed a cap-and-trade bill last year, but the legislation has since stalled in the Senate.

Fidel Castro Money quote: Politicians are right to decry the environmental damage associated with the accident and to insist that the responsible parties fully compensate those harmed by the spill. There are obviously diminishing returns on expenditures, and those expenditures will increase production costs and, thus, consumer prices.

Republicans are using it as yet another reason why we need to do more to subsidize energy production. Sarah Palin Money quote: Nobody talks about it except, apparently, me.In summary, the gulf oil spill has led to ethical questions being raised on whether BP follows the international ethical guidelines.

Additionally, the company has an ethical responsibility of cleaning the waters to make them safe for people and animals. May 14,  · Exactly why an oil spill implies the need for more subsidies to oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy companies is unclear.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill

If the argument is that energy companies will (for some unexplained reason) underinvest in energy production (the only foundation on which one can build a case for production subsidies), then why does a spill provide more.

Jun 15,  · Best Answer: BP is doing the best they can do. Sure you would expect more but i honestly feel as if this was an honest accident. Men lost their lives YES, but that is life no matter where we are when its our time our life will ultimedescente.com: Resolved.

BP Oil Spill was also called the deepwater horizon oil spill. It is among the worst disasters of oil spill in humanity history. It is among the worst disasters of oil spill in humanity history. This is due to the extent of the damage that it had in regards to humanity, environment and the economy.

BP's plan to contain oil spill in Great Australian Bight labelled 'flimsy' Wilderness Society says plan gives no clear indication where company would source equipment and people needed to contain. The argument: BP CEO Tony Hayward certainly didn’t do his company any favors on May 14 by saying the oil spill was “tiny” compared with the volume of water in the Gulf of Mexico, a claim the.

Bp oil spill argument
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