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The objective of this experiment was to learn how to use the SEM. When you find a paragraph that does more than one thing, consider splitting it into two paragraphs.

We will be taping the presentations and you will be required to meet to review the tapes and write a self assessment. Briefly describe any experiments you performed or calculations that you made.

Use graphics to enhance understanding of material, In long reports, redundant pix can be moved to an appendix. The objective of the experiment was to determine the composition of an unknown sample using Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Such criticisms and recommendations, however, should focus on the lab as a learning experience; mere complaints about faulty equipment or amount of time spent are not appropriate. Equations should be properly numbered in parentheses on the right marginand all variables should be explained in the text.

Data tables that are not crucial to the discussion in the lab of the results but may be helpful to the reader as a reference can be included as an appendix. Avoid weasel words "It seems to me", "In my humble opinion". The use of appendices helps to unclutter the lab report.

Combine them into composite figures for easy comparison. If there are no data sheets supplied, students should arrive at the lab with a data template they created. Write this as if it is going to your boss.

Usually you will have discussed these in the introduction. Appendices should include raw data, calculations, graphs, and other quantitative materials that were part of the experiment, but not detailed in any of the above sections.

Make sure you refer to each appendix at least once in your report. One format for presenting your lab results is to write a memo report.

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Include measured results, an estimate of the experimental uncertainty and any calculations used. Introductions often create difficulties for students who struggle with keeping verb tenses straight. This is the longest part of the report! Delivery Be enthusiastic convince yourself that you have an important message!

Notice that, after the material is identified in the example above, the writer provides a justification. What results were expected?

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Make sure you mention all components used and how they were used. At the end of the Introduction include a paragrpah that "forecasts" the remainder of the report ie tell the reader about the contents of the remaining sections.

Each condition was tested in six randomized trials. A good introduction also provides whatever background theory, previous research, or formulas the reader needs to know. It is normally desirably to test as quickly as possible after sampling in order to avoid potential sample contamination.

Figure axes should be properly labeled, with proper units. Therefore, it has useful chapters on each of the sections of a lab report. How do your results compare to those obtained in similar investigations?

Input Frequency and Capacitor Value. DO NOT write a question.Civil Engineering Lab Reports. A s a civil engineer, materials form the basis of what you do. Understanding material properties can help you make design decisions.

Consider the road you drive on every day. Is it concrete or asphalt? Whatever branch of engineering you are studying, many of your labs and lab based assignments will require a written report.

The purpose is to report what you did and what you learned from an experiment.

Electrical Engineering Lab Reports

Lab reports can vary in length and format. These range from a form to fill in and submit before. Research & writing for assignments. University assignments are a big challenge, but we can guide you. Get help with all aspects of your assignment, from research to writing. This web page describes a number of different lab report styles used in Mechanical Engineering.

Civil Engineering Lab Reports

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1 ENGINEERING REPORT WRITING Electrical and Computer Engineering Department University of Connecticut Storrs, CT September Edition.

Engineering lab report
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