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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The show also has an anti-pacifist message: Thembria is a Police State in which people are often charged with frivolous crimes as an excuse to imprison people.

Both are police-based dramas. If you have watched at least one famous TV show released in the s, you must have noticed that their main protagonists are completely different to the main characters from Hollywood movies.

This demonstrates how pacifism merely leaves a nation at the mercy of any aggressor who might attack it. However, it is not often that one can associate what appears in the NYPD Blue shows with anything that one reads in the newspaper or watches on the television news.

The purpose of this essay is to consider the reality of these shows, the analyze the problems related to this kind of shows and to generate recommendations how these problems can be solved using the 6-step process of problem solving. The series also depicts the Mainstream Media in a negative light, as the head of Channel 6, Burne Thompson, constantly attempts to slander the turtles and turn the public against them a la J.

Brainstorming of solution options Through brainstorming, it is possible to develop several solution options. This episode offended Liberal actor and "Palestinian" sympathizer Casey Kasem, who left the show over it. Get Access Comparison and contrast of two telivision shows Essay Sample There are two television shows that I particularly enjoy.

Among many other means of entertainment available in the modern digital era, TV shows influence their audiences in several ways, making them sometimes addicted to watching them. This is America, Charlie Brown! Each show is one-hour in length. But by the end of the episode, they realize the necessity of fighting against the forces of Krang in Dimension X.

The first half of a Law and Order production usually portrays the investigation of the crime and the arrest of its perpetrator. TV series also describe situations that can take place in real life, and thus are more interesting to watch than movies. Also, directors often divide the plot between numerous episodes, so that their audience has to watch every new episode.

Moreover, the producers of TV shows always tend to show the lives of their participants as special, and create an illusion that all routine problems are solved automatically. Sometimes this is due to the telling of lifelike stories, or to the trials and tribulations of the characters.

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Four anthropomorphic turtles, guided by their Master and father figure Splinter, and anthropomorphic rat, fight to protect New York City from the evil forces of Shredder and Krang, in addition to other villains and criminals. There are different variants of reality shows such as documentary shows, self-improvement, renovation, talk shows, hidden cameras, dating shows, supernatural shows etc.

However, the show never includes the prosecution of cases in court. Criteria for future solutions should then include: The characters of the show each convey something different. The series also depicts Socialism, Communism, and Big Government in a negative light, as the recurring nation of "Thembria" a stand-in for the Soviet Union is a poverty-stricken nation constantly marred by big-government bureaucracy with long lines for basic government services.

Comparison and contrast of two telivision shows Essay Sample

The state-run media broadcasts public executions to make "examples" of those who resist the state. The episode "Thief in the Night" eschews Political Correctness by depicting a Libya-like dictatorship called "Carbombya" and its dictator Abdul Fakkadi is an obvious reference to Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Kent", presents the death penalty as acceptable.

Why Are TV Shows So Addictive?

After thwarting an attempt to push them into the sun, the Autobots liberate the humans from the Decepticons, vindicating themselves despite the lack of evidence of the False flag. Jonah Jameson from Spiderman.

The series is also pro-family, as Baloo serves as a father figure for his adopted son Kit Cloudkicker and Rebecca is shown to be a loving, caring mother to her daughter Molly. The two shows are very similar in some aspects. These shows share some similarities in genre and settings.

On NYPD Blue, the drama is constructed around a specific police precinct and its officers, who work on multiple crimes during an episode.

Each show is very effective in drawing you into the plot. These visions distort the perception of reality, especially that of the teenagers and TV addicts, and appeal to darker sides of human nature. They are intelligent, smart, and definitely not one-sided, positive characters. In fact, reality television shows exaggerated sides of reality or people behaving too dramatically in order to gain popularity.

The sources of conflict for the district attorney are a need to maintain his impartiality in dealing with his assistants and the necessity to occasionally agree to lesser charges against known criminals, as distasteful as this may be. The series contains pro-family themes as the turtles are brothers and their Mentor Splinter acts as a surrogate father, whom the turtles treat with great respect.Another factor making a TV series addictive for their audience is that unlike many blockbusters, comedies, action movies, and other Hollywood productions, TV shows describe situations that can potentially occur in real life.

Reality TV shows have impacted society negatively because they uphold bad morals, destroy relationships, and exploit their stars. One reason reality TV shows have negatively impacted society is the way that these TV shows uphold bad morals.

Reality shows that released in my country aren't so popular. Most of them are for cooking. There was a talents show but it was canceled and replaced by a singing contest. The most popular Tv shows in my country are the shows that include many countries, such as The voice.

As well as foreign Tv shows. My Favorite Television Show - My favorite television show that I like to sit down and watch at the end of a long day is Reba. I always look forward to relaxing in front of the TV. Television Talk Shows Essay Words | 14 Pages.

Television Talk Shows The United States’ longest running program is actually a news/talk show called Meet the Press. It began as a radio program inand had little changes when it was aired on NBC for the.

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Television shows are an excellent way to make the audience feel a part of a story, and it also allows a person the opportunity to take their minds off of their own lives. Although watching television shows are an excellent way to pass time, there are some significant benefits obtained from spending some time engaged in a television show.

Essay about tv shows
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