Essay supplementary to the preface of 1815

Let Essay supplementary to the preface of 1815 take a hasty retrospect of the poetical literature of this Country for the greater part of the last two centuries, and see if the facts support these inferences. Nevertheless, though these Poems contain some detestable passages, the effect, as Dr.

The verses of Dryden, once highly celebrated, are forgotten, those of Pope still retain their hold upon public estimation, — nay there is not a passage of descriptive poetry, which at this day finds so many and such ardent admirers.

Certainly not be limiting his practice within his theory" Lectures The young, who in nothing can escape delusion, are especially subject to it in their intercourse with Poetry. For a mind at once poetical and philosophical; for a critic whose affections are as free and kindly as the spirit of society, and whose understanding is severe as that of dispassionate government?

But how has he accomplished this? The Germans only, of foreign nations, are approaching towards a knowledge and feeling of what he is. It is the Work of an English Peer of high accomplishments, its object to form the character and direct the studies of his son.

Innovation is the future. At all events, it is certain that these Poems of Milton are now much read, and loudly praised; yet were they little heard of till more than years after their publication; and of the Sonnets, Dr.

The wordsworth fashion supplementary to preface essay

The educational outlook is rather misty and depressing both at home and abroad. The intimation may unite with their own misgivings to regulate their sensibility, and to bring in, sooner than it would otherwise have arrived, a more discreet and sound judgment.

Accordingly, believers of this cast are at one time contemptuous; at another, being troubled, as they are and must be, with inward misgivings, they are jealous and suspicious; — and at all seasons, they are under temptation to supply, by the heat with which they defend their tenets, the animation which is wanting to the constitution of the religion itself.

And, lastly, there are many, who, having been enamoured of this art in their youth, have found leisure, after youth was spent, to cultivate general literature; in which poetry has continued to be comprehended as a study.

Wordsworth ought, at all events, to be consistent with himself; and since he derives so many auspicious assurances from the opposition which his opinions have met with, he should speak with a little more moderation of those by whom they happen to be opposed. And as well known is it to them, that the undue exertion of those arts is the cause why Pope has for some time held a rank in literature, to which, if he had not been seduced by an over-love of immediate popularity, and had confided more in his native genius, he never could have descended.

Poetry then becomes only an occasional recreation; while to those whose existence passes away in a course of fashionable pleasure, it is a species of luxurious amusement.

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With the young of both sexes, Poetry is, like love, a passion; but, for much the greater part of those who have been proud of its power over their minds, a necessity soon arises of breaking the pleasing bondage; or it relaxes of itself; — the thoughts being occupied in domestic cares, or the time engrossed by business.

The Poems of Norris of Bemerton not long after went, I believe, through nine editions. But he was a great power, and bears a high name: Dji flight controller comparison essay 21st century teacher essay finder descriptive essay introduction helper how to write a college scholarship essay xml video games affect behavior essay essaystate review research paper on gender discrimination in the workplace discrimination infraction illustration essay descriptive essays basketball extra diegetic narrative essays como hacer un research paper towns 3 paragraph essay on respect for authority yale graduate school dissertation progress report.

The appropriate business of poetry, which, nevertheless, if genuine, is as permanent as pure science, her appropriate employment, her privilege and her duty, is to treat of things not as they are, but as they appear; not as they exist in themselves, but as they seem to exist to the senses, and to the passions.

Whether these poems are at this day justly appreciated, I will not undertake to decide: Having obtained this wish, and so much more, it is natural that they should make report as they have felt. Nothing, however, can be fairer, or more amusing, than the way in which he sometimes exposes the unmeaning verbiage of modern poetry" Spirit of the Age Infraction illustration essay isaac newton research paper jammui capital punishment essay pros and cons essay om 22 juli horoscoop the findings of this dissertation comparison contrast war essay craze for western culture essay anthropology.

Innovation is what can drive change.

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now! preventing drug abuse essays nathan wong essay help wildlife conservation essay graphics. Introduction The beaver and the mole Helen Vendler: · —William Wordsworth, Essay, Supplementary to the to Lyrical Ballads and reaches maturity in Wordsworth’s Essay, Supplementary to the Preface Wordsworth essay supplementary to the preface the year without a summer!

¶ Wikipedia; Arthurian Chronicles: should. Essay Supplementary to the Preface. Poems by William Wordsworth: including Lyrical ballads, and the Miscellaneous Pieces of the Author, with additional Poems, a new Preface and a supplementary Essay.

2 Vols. From the literature of other ages and countries, proofs equally cogent might have been adduced, that the opinions announced in the former part of this Essay are founded .

Essay supplementary to the preface of 1815
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