Hr policies to solve labour unrest

They are not trade unions in real sense. Proactive work in the arena of the Industrial relations in most of the corporations has taken a back seat. Most of the unions are characterized by their size and membership. Like HR professionals, young engineers who hold supervisory positions in the factories are least interested in management of people.

The program results must be highly visible for maximum success. Team building -- creating and sustaining high-performance oriented teams.

Industrial Disputes Act, Trade Unions Act, Factories Act, Plantation Labor Act

Carefully listening the problem iii. It was started in and controlled by Indian National Congress. Work and job design -- coordination of the interrelationship of jobs, workflow, and other factors in orders to improve quality, productivity, and employee commitment.

Objectives of Standing Orders: We have to take a holistic view of the prevailing industrial relations climate. Organization structure -- design of organization structures to meet current and future economic and technological demands.

Employers are not obliged to recognize any union. Without back-and-forth flow of communications, a clearly defined corporate identity and purpose will become blurred, resulting in ambiguous expectations. They have realized the problems of surplus labor and whole heartedly accepting the VRS, golden handshake etc.

He or she can guide the Board members on matters of investment in employee benefit schemes like housing, and so forth. There must be a genuine commitment by management to a meaningful level of employee involvement as part of its ongoing business strategy.

Labor is what companies want to prevent, but it is an integral part of a hierarchical corporate culture. Better working and living conditions for the members To raise the status of the workers as partners in an organization To increase the self confidence among the workers To encourage sincerity and discipline among the workers To enlarge opportunities for promotion and training To provide the educational, cultural and recreational facilities To promote individual and collective welfare Promotion of national integration Influence the socio economic policies of the community through the active participation in their formulation at various levels Intra —Mural Functions: Over time we have created two distinct classes among the blue collared workers—one is the permanent worker who is diminishing and aging and the other class of contract workers who are deprived of the basics.

There is a direct an axiomatic link between good communication and significant increases in productivity. Instilling enterprise-wide change Three factors must be in place if the enterprise-wide change initiative is to succeed: Establishing a system for evaluating the success of both existing and future proactive endeavors.

Focused task forces -- the convening of a group to work on a specific issue of set of issues and to recommend alternative solutions within a given time period. The employees of the respective sections elect the members of the councils.

Grievance Handling - Human Resources Interview Questions & Answers

They comprise per cent of the blue collared workforce but the employers shy away from dealing with the issues of this group. There is a universal trend of declining membership of unions especially in the service sector and their importance is reducing in industrial sector too. It is also my observation that today young HR professionals are completely distanced from the ground realities; they exhibit very little knowledge and sensitivity towards socio-political and economic issues of the workers and society as a whole.

Understanding the redefining the problem to ensure that both the parties are at the same level of understanding iv. What has led to the sudden spurt of such unrest?Labour unrest,way to mitagate labour unrest and the effects of labour unrest 1.

Labor is one of the major production factor. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Hr Policies To Solve Labour Unrest. It is a trend that threatens to assume alarming proportions in corporate India.

Article: Labour unrest - The bane of India Inc

Incidents of labour unrest have been on the rise in recent years across companies, pointing to growing discontent among workers over wages and other issues. Colgate, for instance, just announced the end of an day.

Remedy needed to India Inc's labour unrest ailment

Case study report on Labour unrest at Maruti. Ayodhya Paikaray Labour Unrest at Maruti Maruti Udyog Ltd (MUL) is one of India’s leading automobile manufacturers and the market leader in the car segment, both in terms of volume of /5(3).

Grievance Handling interview questions & answers for freshers & experienced candidates in HR department. Questions on Grievance Handling process, importance, reasons, features, ways to find grievances etc. Useful for university exams, internship, job & placement interview, PSU exams, lecturers.

Labor Unrest at Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (Private) Limited

Question bank with sample answers &. Industrial Disputes Act, Trade Unions Act, Factories Act, Plantation Labor Act Industrial Relations Industrial relations: It is an organized relationship between two parties i.e employer and employee governed by a system of rules and regulations and established procedures regarding matters of collective interest.

Hr policies to solve labour unrest
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