Legends on the nets

For 40 days and nights, floodwaters came from the heavens and from the deeps, until the highest mountains were covered. That is why the Bear always runs after the Pleiades. He then loaded it with his family, the craftsmen, and "the seed of all living creatures.

Flood Stories from Around the World

The waters overflowed all the mountains, and the human race was drowned except Noa and his family who survived on his ship. The angel Tistar the star Sirius descended three times, in the form of man, horse, and bull respectively, causing ten days and nights of rain each time. Ilet, the spirit of lightning, came to live, in human form, in a cave high on the mountain named Tinderet.

Three times every yearsthe gods were distressed by the disturbance from human overpopulation. But Zebra broke his promise not to allow her to work.

Seven days later, Utnapishtim released a dove, but it returned finding nowhere else to land. A week later Noah sent out a dove, and on its third flight it returned with an olive leaf plucked from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, for the Holy Land had not suffered from the flood. On the ninth day, the old man returned and told his host that all living things would be drowned, but since he had kept his oath, he would be saved.

God would come from thence and save mankind. Noah wept at the devastation when he left the ark, and Shem offered a thank-offering; Noah could not officiate due to his encounter with the lion.

After the seven-day flood, the gods regretted their action. After a year, the waters sank, and the people and animals disembarked. Upon seeing all the people killed, the gods repented and wept. The men then disembarked with the animals and seeds. When the water ran away, the ark grounded on the steppe, and its occupants disembarked.

The rivers started overflowing the country. Before returning to cause the second flood, Tistar, in the form of a white horse, battled the demon Apaosha, who took the form of a black horse.

When Noah awoke, he cursed Ham and his descendants and blessed his other sons. When they were all aboard and provisioned, God caused a great long rain which caused a flood, and all other men and beasts drowned.

From his heavenly window, the supreme god Pramzimas saw nothing but war and injustice among mankind. One happened to land on the peak of the tallest mountain, where some people and animals had sought refuge. Several animals wooed Ngolle Kakesse, granddaughter of God, but only Zebra was accepted.

Atum will remain, in the form of a serpent, with Osiris. He next sent out a dove, which returned without finding a perch. After the flood, they lived on their own for many years, unable to find mates.

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When his brother Lengerni died, Tumbainot, according to custom, married the widow Nahaba-logunja, who bore him three more sons, but they argued about her refusal to give him a drink of milk in the evening, and she set up her own homestead. The ark drifted for a long time, and provisions began to run low.

When she was well and ready to depart, she told her friends to pack up and leave with her, as the place was accursed and would be destroyed by Nzambi. At this, God resolved to destroy mankind, except Tumbainot found grace in His eyes.Australian Aborigines - Indigenous Australians. Indigenous Australians are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia, descended from groups that existed in Australia and surrounding islands prior to European colonization.

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Brooklyn Nets Roster. While flood myths are common to practically every culture on the planet, they differ significantly in detail. This article describes hundreds of flood myths originating from cultures all over the globe.

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Legends on the nets
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