Nature of apprenticeship system in mauritius

Vocational Education The industrial training board is an ISOCertified para-statal that provides training, consulting and train-the-trainer services throughout Mauritius.

Mauritius The Slave Legacy. The rapid expansion of plantation labourers attracted free merchants to the island to tend to the needs of the population and import Indian products, and so the tradesmen and artisans followed. Then he had to roll and crush it manually with a hammer. Mr Kadrass, typographer in his old printing press.

The market had different sections catering for vegetables and fruit, meat, fish, shops and a food court and is still in operation today. Tamils came from India to decorate the mosque, but as they only knew Indian architecture, the mosque is quite unusual as it resembles a temple.

The French Revolution did not have much effect on its colony in Mauritius, except for one crucial factor. Courtesy of the author. The name Patten originates from Pather in Tamil.

Secondary Education The 6-years of secondary schooling adhere to the British model too. Other facilities include distance learning centers and polytechnics. Ajanta Offset and Packagings Ltd, India. Four generations ago the Patten family bought a small shop in Etienne Anquetil street and opened their business as Tamil jewellers.

By24, Indians had reached Mauritius in this labour scheme. Nature of apprenticeship system in mauritius, by the filth caused by animals in the town reached alarming unhygienic conditions and in inhabitants had to fence and enclose their properties and each property owner had to plant fruit trees along his property border.

Even the roof tiles are hand-cut, and covered with tar and black paint to keep them waterproof. The current owner is a third-generation descendant. Companies like MyMoris promote cultural tours and support the local community.

In shops, some literally set in alleys and others barely big enough to fit a chair and a table, with a street facing counter, to large warehouses, these men and women ply their trades.

Soon time will run out for the little characters and another trade will be lost. Children enter primary school at age 5, where they study for 6 years towards their certificate of primary education in languages that include English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics and Science.

Mauritians eat street food, bought over the counter or at the door of these petit bakeries. Even the roof tiles were hand-cut.

Mrs Poospa Patten explains how her now-deceased husband, as a nine-year old apprentice, used to melt the gold in a pot, using a poukni, or blower, to light the charcoal until the gold melted and flowed like water. Many prominent businessmen, descendants from the first merchant families, take pride in still having their letterheads printed by hand at the typesetter.

The most venerable of all is the University of Mauritius founded in and depicted here. Downtown Port Louis, a blend of the historical and the new. Courtesy of the author Preserving the Cultural Heritage Such is the tragedy that many of these family businesses, stemming from the traders and artisans of the 18th and 19th centuries are fading.

Courtesy of the author Sharp aromas of spices and dried fish accost the unaccustomed nose and announce the tiny shop — slightly more than just a pavement counter separating the pot of boiling oil from the public — of Mr Kishorsing Ramlagun, selling his chili bites for breakfast.

Tamil sculptures adorn the mosque. Tertiary Education There are a number of tertiary institutions on Mauritius, including institutes of education, and of traditional studies.

Tinsmith tinkering away at toukbullets for making dumplings. Heritage as a Key Contributor to Economic Development. Aapravasi Ghat Magazine, Vol 2.

Nostalgic Old Trades Facing Extinction in Mauritius, Like a Doomed Dodo

Rhythmic tapping leads the ear to the shop of Mr Jacques, the year old the tinsmith, who learnt the trade when he was 16 years old. Like the warehouses, the mosque was built with volcanic hand-cut stone. Mrs Poospa Patten displaying her fine examples of silver vels and skewers Image: In Mauritius had only three clocks — one in the central market, one in the old post office and one here in the Jummah mosque, but it is currently under restoration.

Tamil sculpturing on the roof of the Jummah mosque Scene depicting tradesmen in Mauritius.

Education System in Mauritius

Taken from “The Dodo and its Kindred” () (Public Domain) Spanning the Dutch occupation fromincluding the French occupation lasting fromuntil the British colonisation fromthe island was a slave owning society. Discuss the nature of the apprenticeship system in Mauritius between and The consequence is, a system will spring up, aristocratical or oligarchical against which the slave may struggle a century without attaining that equality he is vainly thought to possess (E.

Baker, in J.

Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management

Backhouse, Memoirs, 74)1 The apprenticeship system was inaugurated in Mauritius on 1 February Mauritius Basic Facts Current Structure of the Mauritian Education System Pathways of the Education and Training System in Mauritius Labour Market Higher Education 4 NTC Level II 2 3 Recognition of the Inter-sectoral nature of change in education (ICT, Health) y.

As the title of the act states, the “apprenticeship” system was designed to promote the “industry of the manumitted slaves ” (Great Britain, Public Record Office [PRO], C.O.

/ Indentured Immigration Records (Mauritius) subsequent implementation in in Mauritius, and the end of the apprenticeship period to which the liberated slaves were subjected to. Following criticism of the Indentured Labour System, being a unique for understanding the nature, dynamics, and consequences of a major modern human.

The industrial training board is an ISOCertified para-statal that provides training, consulting and train-the-trainer services throughout Mauritius. It exists to enhance the island nation’s skill base. Tertiary Education. There are a number of tertiary institutions on Mauritius, including institutes of education, and of traditional studies.

Nature of apprenticeship system in mauritius
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