Reforms of alexander ii essay

Petersburg could boast that it commanded the largest army in Europe in numberspoor roads, antiquated weapons, and low morale prohibited the effective use of that awesome potential power. This made Alexander want to bring Russia forward and ensure the Serf Army, who were poorly paid and supplied, could compete against the armies of foreign threats.

The political structure in Russia was also a problem. Since vast numbers of new citizens, i. They Reforms of alexander ii essay care of their every economic need including their health and education.

Effectively, then, the nobility were angered by what they saw as a radical document while the peasants were disappointed by what they say as a moderate document. Many were forced to pay a lot more then the land was actually worth.

Have the same attitudes and everything. As their financial and social status depended on how many serfs they owned, these groups were reluctant to lose status and wealth in favour of the peasants. They gave the newly freed population too little land and land that logistically could not support a population on its own.

The number of serfs reached as much as 52 million of which about half belonged to private families and were not part of the state. The loss in Crimea showed Alexander the need to modernize in order to strengthen Russia and retain its status as a Great Power.

The creation of Zemstvos marked another of his reforms. Autocracy, Reform, and Social Change, Through taxation of all classes, the zemstvo built bridges, roads, hospitals, and prisons and provided essential services such as healthcare and poverty relief.

The reason for this was the new number of free people who once were under the protection of the landed gentry. There was significant peasant unrest and social instability, with over peasant revolts between and The nobility owned the best land, and the vast majority of peasants lived in poverty.

It would take many years for it to right itself and sufficiently see to the needs of the peasants. In many respects, there is no doubt that Alexander III was the most effective Tsar in such the short reign that he had.

Alexander II and Reform

Worse yet, the reforms stimulated liberal reformers--mostly professionals, intellectuals, and students--who urged greater reforms and faster reforms, something the regime refused to give.

Along with the zemstvos, the entire legal system was rearranged and is considered one of the greatest reforms of the time."Reform" in Russia () Summary The Russian defeat in the Crimean War was a wake-up call to the autocracy.

While St. Petersburg could boast that it commanded the largest army in Europe (in numbers), poor roads, antiquated weapons, and low morale prohibited the effective use of that awesome potential power.

Alexander II executed many reforms during his time in power but did he reform for the sake of reforming? In the essay I will conclude whether or not Alexander had objectives in which reforming only partook as a secondary effect, and if so, what “was” he primarily?

Alexander II and Reform.

Why Did Alexander II Introduce Reform? Essay Sample

Alexander II’s ‘great reforms’ stand out as among the most significant events in nineteenth century Russian history. Alexander became known as the ‘Tsar Liberator’ because he abolished serfdom in Alexander II was (and still is) very controversial discussed by historians, his reforms and their success as well.

This essay will clarify the achievement of every reform, Alexander II established, and at the end there will be a conclusion. Essay on comparing alexander II and alexander III Words | 4 Pages. policies of Alexander II () and Alexander III () of Russia. Alexander II and Alexander III were both Tsars of Russia and they both believed in the divine will to rule the people.

Alexander II & Alexander III Alexander was the eldest son of Tsar Nicholas I and was born in Moscow in Alexander became Tsar of Russia in after his father's death.

At that time Russia was in the Crimean War but then in russia signed the Treaty of Paris that put an end to the war.

Reforms of alexander ii essay
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