Scots language writing activities

Teams gain one point for each adjective used appropriately and one for each correctly identified by underlining.

Ask learners about their lettering, layout and illustrations. Here is a selection of language games which provide valid and entertaining contexts in which pupils can experience the way words work in phrases and sentences, and through which teachers can introduce and reinforce the grammatical rules and their terminology which underpin all of our language.

Look at the attached example of Shetlandic origami devised by Bruce Eunson and use the Scots instructional language vocabulary sheet to try this out for yourself. Answers are collected and then categorised: The University of Aberdeen Scots Leid Quorum performed its own research incautiously suggesting that there were 2.

The results from a trial before the Census, by the General Register Office for Scotland[63] suggested that there were around 1.

In the Aberdeen University study, the question was augmented with the further clause " Learners could use a computer for this activity.

They are tochered wi mense and conscience and shuld guide theirsels ane til ither in a speirit o britherheid. This is not as daunting as it sounds! It has been produced in association with Oor Wullie publisher DC Thomson and will help six- to year-olds become familiar with the richness of the Scots tongue, as well as helping to breathe new life into the language.

The sentences, written on strips of paper, can then be attached below the pictures as captions, and class and teacher can then compare and discuss the sentences and how the adjectives are used in them.

In turns, the players set down a sentence statement made up from their cards. This activity can easily be varied by focusing on names for toys or clothes or…. He scorned modern literature, spoke broad Scots from the bench, and even in writing took no pains to avoid the Scotticisms which most of his colleagues were coming to regard as vulgar.

5 Scots Writing Activities

The first town must begin with A e. The GRO research concluded that "[a] more precise estimate of genuine Scots language ability would require a more in-depth interview survey and may involve asking various questions about the language used in different situations. Notice is given that, after this date, owners of any fowls on land tenanted by Mr Roger Manning of Hill Farm will be destroyed.

By the end of the twentieth century, Scots was at an advanced stage of language death over much of Lowland Scotland. Scots is also known as braid Scots, Doric, Scotch or Lallans.

Since Scots was once the state language of Scotland, it is a valid part of our heritage and the society recognises that it should be able to take its place as a language of Scotland, along with Gaelic and English. Others did however scorn Scots, such as intellectuals from the Scottish Enlightenment David Hume and Adam Smithwho went to great lengths to get rid of every Scotticism from their writings.

We start with letter games and move gradually to more complex structures. A daft dauncin dug. Wanted — up-to-date gas cooker suitable for single girl with enamelled sides.Scots Language Primary Resources.

Scots Hoose

Browse by Type: Planning. Topic Planning Home Learning; Science Forces Writing Flaps. North America Resource Pack. This pack looks at the Scots song, ' Three Craws' and includes activities to study the Scots language used.

Learning Resources

Great lessons to use during a Scottish topic, such as St. Andrew's Day or. Writing in Scots is a great way for pupils to find their authentic voice, but it can be difficult to know how to get started and progress.

This resource by Matthew Fitt of Scots Hoose makes it easy with step by step guidance to enter the world of Scots writing. The activities in "All About Me" are intended to act as a stimulus for discussion about aspects of Ulster-Scots language, history and culture.

Oor Wullie Editor Morris Heggie said: 'The Scots language is an important part of Scottish culture and it has been a pleasure working with the National Library of Scotland on this project. Oor Wullie has been fair thrilled at the response from school children, and everyone involved with the strip is rooting for the project to be a huge success.'.

There are teaching suggestions to help get children writing in Scots or classroom activities which encourage everyone to use Scots words. Across the site there are poems, stories, songs, and even a space for children to add their own work.

Download some of the individual chapters on the righthand side of this page - full of useful ideas, activities and advice for reading poetry, playing with language, writing poetry, performing and presenting poetry and simply exploring and enjoying poetry in .

Scots language writing activities
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