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This would land the skateboarders in competitions that could result in huge paychecks. Many skateboarders do not mean to cause this damage, in which they just need a place to skate. Tony, Stacey, and Jay unleashed an array of maneuvers that Skateboarding essay so incredible that they are still practiced in the world of skateboarding today.

This influenced many young skateboarders to step up their Skateboarding essay and try to become a professional. In these advances, new equipment started to become more efficient. Stacey is credited with the founding of the skateboarding The urethane wheel made the skateboards bounce when a bump was hit.

This can happen when you fall off a skateboard and hit an object or the ground.

The shape of the skateboard changed back into an oval shape like before, only this time it had curved up sides. Where are we supposed to go to skate? The first skateboard that was made featured roller skate wheels attached to a two by four. Nobody before this time in skateboarding thought skateboarding could become a career.

While the few skate parks there are, go packed day in and day out. Mikros, Dan Anti-skaters could argue that you could go skate where you are supposed to, at a skate park. Many people disliked skateboards, because they destroyed property, and nearly ran over people.

Many skateboarding companies were sponsoring skateboarders who had talent. The cost of running a skate park is increasing in taxes.

Professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, is very popular in the skate park business. Surveys report that an estimated people are at any park on any day and there are only about skate parks nationwide.

With all the people turning pro, the world needed a skateboarding competition where all the best can compete to be known as the best skateboarder in the world.

Then shape of the skateboard soon changed again, this time into a wider board.


This very own competition was known as the X-Games. Soon enough, the first tick was preformed on the skateboard, which would be the turning point in the history of skateboarding.

These businesses who started skate parks could charge a fee to skateboard. The previously introduced urethane wheels combined with the new shape of the skateboard, created a whole new was to perform maneuvers. Broken bones need to be professionally treated in order to be correctly treated.

This puts skateboarding as the sixth largest participant sport in the US and the third largest for participants ages six through eighteen. Many of these kids had little or no money and needed to find something to keep them out of trouble.

One of the most significant changes took place in California. As members of the Z-boys Jay, Stacey, and Tony were incredible surfers and looked at skateboarding as a tool to broaden their horizon. These curved up sides were known as concave.


Skateboarding in general, has only reached its peak. The Z-boys also showed society that not all skateboarders are clean-cut and come from middle or upper class upbringings. Injuries involved in skateboarding can range from mild to severe. Even though some skateboarders were not good enough to become Skateboarding essay, many people still enjoyed skateboarding as a hobby.

Yet there are "No skateboarding" signs all over the place.Skateboarding has rich history of innovation and is full of intriguing stories. Many of these stories are documented in this book in great detail. However, this essay will provide you with an. Skateboarding is a sport which somebody rides a board that is made out of different layers of wood and has trucks and wheels on it.

Skateboarding was found. Skateboarding is a sport which somebody rides a board that is made out of different layers of wood and has trucks and wheels on it.

Skateboarding was found in. Skateboarding has been around since the early ’s, when surfers wanted a way to mimic surfing without the water. Skateboarding then, was known as “sidewalk surfing” to many local skateboarders.

The name “sidewalk surfing” comes from skateboarders wanting to do surfing-like maneuvers while traveling at a high rate of speed. Then ’s were the opening [ ]. Essay title: Skateboarding.

Today, skaters around the world are treated with little respect from the public or authority. There are "No Skateboarding" signs everywhere you turn/5(1).

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