Watsons theory of human caring essay

It also discusses how we can implement them in regards to our nursing students and educational programs. Giving patients the space and time they need, but letting them know that you are available should they want to talk, can be far more helpful than having their physical needs met.

A beneficial association allows for focused, goal-directed contacts to guide the best interest and results for patients. According to her beliefs, body, mind and soul are distinquished from each other.

Health can be redefined as the unity and harmony within the body, mind, and soul and a harmony between self and others and self and nature Alligood, The tenth carative factor allowed existential, phenomenological, spiritual aspects to be addressed.

As you can imagine, there were lots of tears shed that evening and the next two, as we walked thru the scenarios of what the future held and decisions to be made.

The seven assumptions

Developing trusting relationships takes work and honesty between the people involved. Watson, Furthermore, Watson defined a connection between health and illness. To successfully do this, nurses must sustain nonjudgmental interactions to invite those same qualities to flow from others.

There is a well - known gap between theory and practice in nursing.

Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring

The reflections will highlight the things learned from the interaction by the nurse and how the caring is perceived by the patient or family members involved. Compassion challenges us to cry out with those in misery, to mourn with those who are lonely, to weep with those in tears.

Watson believes that caring is one of the most important parts of the nursing process and that her theory of human caring can be applied to patients and their families in addition to oneself.

According to Watson a single caring moment becomes a moment of possibility and in that moment an actual opportunity for human caring can occur Alligood, Compassion means full immersion into the condition of being human. Includes the interpretation of the results, the degree to which positive outcome has occurred and whether the result can be generalized.

Unfortunately, the nurse is usually the one who walks into the room after a doctor has given the patient news they did not want to hear.

Analysis and Evaluation of Jean Watson's Theory of Caring

The seventh carative factor promoting transpersonal teaching and learning is used with the family concerning the questions they had about the events that took place after we received the patient in the emergency department. Our past is a reflection of our experiences and we must be open to new experiences every day.

At that point in time, I was not as spiritual as I am today and regret not bringing spirituality to the forefront of our discussions.

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay Sample

One of the most significant occasions that I remember was as a young nurse working on an Oncology unit with a terminally ill young man. Creating healing environment at all levels: Nursing is a caring science with ethical and theoretical associations.

Watson defines person not only as a spiritual being, but also as a material physical being that is also a part of nature and the physical world.

This theory applies not only to the nurse-patient experience, but should be applied to all aspects of our lives, in the way we treat our family, friends and those we meet in passing.

Later Watson explained that this work was an attempt to solve some conceptual and empirical problems, with no intention to create a theory.Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring provides a solid foundation for any nurse to provide excellent care to their patients.

By combining the Watson’s carative factors with the science of medicine, a nurse can attain a more well-rounded perspective of what their patient is experiencing. In conclusion, Jean Watson’s theory of human caring helps define the caring moment or moments that occur between a nurse and patient and focuses on the fact that both nurse and patient have a uniqueness he or she brings to the moment.

Essay about Watsons Human Caring Theory Caring for a Stranger: An Example of Watson's The Human Caring Theory puts the profession of nursing in a different light and views it as a nontraditional science because it includes human compassion. Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay Sample.

Jean Watson is a nursing theorist whose focus is human caring. Watson’s () theory of human caring is widely used in nursing practice. Analysis and Evaluation of Jean Watson's Theory of Caring This Research Paper Analysis and Evaluation of Jean Watson's Theory of Caring and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on ultimedescente.com Autor: review • November 28, • Research Paper • 2, Words (11 Pages) • 3, Views4/4(1).

Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Dr. Jean Watson developed a theory of human caring that has become essential in nursing. Caring is at the core of nursing and is vital in providing positive patient outcomes.

Watsons theory of human caring essay
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