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But because many of these women worked in essential military industries, this approach also threatened the morale of the war effort.

It can also be spread by contact with infected bodily fluids, so both men and women are susceptible. Subscribe to the 4th Austrian War Loan. During World War I, the impact of the poster as a means of communication was greater than Others simply lied to psychiatrists about their sexual orientation and were able to get into the armed forces.

Time is most important.

The Posters That Sold World War I to the American Public

Location in Vienna is given. Anti-homosexual policies were useless and homosexuals were very much part of the military. Guard against venereal disease by staying away from "easy" women.

The above ashtray belonged to Lynchburg resident John G. Mementos of the war made by convalescent soldiers. Compared with whites, the majority of African American military personnel had limited to no access to education opportunities, good wages, or health care, all factors that were crucial in protecting Americans from venereal disease and ensuring treatment for the infected.

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Poster is announcement World war ii posters trench of a concert by Austrian and Hungarian soldiers to benefit widows and orphans. White Holland Souvenir. The booklet not only offered information to soldiers about avoiding V. War souvenirs collected by soldiers or non-combatants during the war and during the demobilization period and modified in some way to serve as a remembrance of the war.

These posters warned men in the Armed Forces away from civilian women, depicting women as the primary carriers and spreaders of venereal diseases. White later worked as a custodian in the Circuit Court of Lynchburg from Red-light districts were shut down, and American cities sought new laws which would criminalize prostitution to protect young men from contracting a venereal infection.

Juni 1 print poster: Gonorrhea and syphilis are two of the worst. As far as materials used, the base is fashioned from a brass mm M14 Type 1 artillery shell casing, with other parts constructed from varying sizes of bullets.

Sex relations in the military should be kept for marriage. If you have this unfortunate habit, try to control it as a matter of pride. Like advertising and other media elements, military propaganda emphasized traditional female qualities and roles.

African Americans[ edit ] In segregated American, African Americans disproportionately lived in poverty. The pamphlet was to be furnished to each recruit upon enlistment.

World War Ii Posters- Trench of Ideas and Propaganda

One side of the scale has a dove of peace, which is heavier than the side which contains coins. Poster shows a woman, representing the Austro-Hungarian Empire, holding a flag.

Poster shows face of a soldier. The pressure to meet unfilled personnel quotas was also a significant force in keeping recruiting officers and examiners from prying into the sexual lives of women volunteers [9] p.

Sexual education was emphasized and line officers, surgeons, and chaplains gave lectures. Engraved along the sides it says "SPekholzerheide John G.

Food Will Win the War!

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It is not necessary to have sexual intercourse in order to keep strong and well. The painless syphilis sore that the soldier or sailor would get after they were first infected can be confused for an ingrown hair, zipper cut, or other seemingly harmless bump.

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Shop with confidence. World War II Posters “Trench of Ideas and Propaganda” During World War II, the United States government use propaganda in order to persuade people to join their efforts to stop the enemies of the fatherland.

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In the United States, World War II-era venereal disease posters depicting women were created for an overwhelmingly male, military audience.

World War II U.S. Military Sex Education

These posters warned men in the Armed Forces away from civilian women, depicting women as the primary carriers and spreaders of venereal diseases. Library of Congress. Search Search. Search toggle. Library of Congress Posters: World War I Posters This collection makes available online approximately 1, posters created between and Most relate directly to the war, but some German posters date from the post-war period and illustrate events such as the rise of Bolshevism and.

World war ii posters trench of
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